Cheng Sun

Cheng Sun

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

2145 Sheridan Road

Tech B392

Evanston, IL 60208-3109

c-sun( at )northwestern.edu


Ph.D. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State, State College, PA

M.S. Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

B.S. Physics, Nanjing University, China

Research Interests

Scalable 3D nano-fabrication of integrated nano-systems

Significant Recognition

  • 2010 NSF CAREER award

Selected Publications

  • Dong, Biqin; Chen, Siyu; Zhang, Zhen; Sun, Cheng; Zhang, Hao F., “Photoacoustic probe using a microring resonator ultrasonic sensor for endoscopic applications”, Optics Letters, (2014)
  • Jiang, Shang-Chi; Xiong, Xiang; Hu, Yuan-Sheng; Hu, Yu-Hui; Ma, Guo-Bin, “Controlling the Polarization State of Light with a Dispersion-Free Metastructure”, Physical Review X, (2014)
  • Sun, Cheng; Chen, Wei; Wang, Chen; Yu, Shuangcheng, “Topology optimization for light-trapping structure in solar cells”, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, (2014)
  • Zhang, Zhen; Sun, Cheng; He, Cheng; Sun, .Xiao-Chen; Yuan, Chang-Sheng, “Nonreciprocal resonant transmission/reflection based on a one-dimensional photonic crystal adjacent to the magneto-optical metal film”, Optics Express, (2013)
  • Balogun, Oluwaseyi; Ahn, Phillip; Zhang, Zhen; Sun, Cheng, “Ultrasonic near-field optical microscopy using a plasmonic nanofocusing probe”, Journal of Applied Physics, (2013)
  • Chen, Wei; Sun, Cheng; Wang, Chen; Yu, Shuangcheng, “Highly efficient light-trapping structure design inspired by natural evolution”, Scientific Reports, (2013)
  • Sun, Cheng; Zhou, Fan; Bao, Yongjun; He, Cheng; Stuart, Colin, “A realistic design of three-dimensional full cloak at terahertz frequencies”, Applied Physics Letters, (2012)
  • Sun, Cheng; Zhou, Fan; Gu, Jianqiang; Cao, Wei; Liang, Dachaun, “Terahertz invisibility cloaking”, Laser and Tera-Hertz Science and Technology, LTST 2012, (2012)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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