Yonggang Huang

Joseph Cummings Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

2145 Sheridan Road


Evanston, IL 60208-3109

+ 1 847 467 3165
y-huang( at )northwestern.edu


Ph.D. Engineering Science Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

M.S. Engineering Science Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

B.S. Mechanics Peking University, Beijing, China

Research Interests

Mechanics of materials and structures; fracture mechanics; composite materials; micromechanics; atomistic-based continuum mechanics; mechanics of stretchable electronics

Significant Recognition

  • Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Pi Tau Sigma (National Mechanical Engineering Honor Society), 2010
  • Guggenheim Fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2008
  • On the "Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2006, Spring 2007
  • Engineering Council Award for Excellence in Advising, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007
  • International Journal of Plasticity Medal, 2007
  • Young Investigator Medal, Society of Engineering Science, 2006
  • George W. Melville Medal, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2004
  • Gustus L. Larson Memorial Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2003
  • Associate, Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002
  • Research Award for US Scientists and Scholars, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, 2001
  • Outstanding Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation of China, 2000

Significant Professional Service

  • Technical Editor, Journal of Applied Mechanics (ASME Transactions), 2012-
  • Editor in Chief, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, 2011-

Selected Publications

    1. Kim D-H, Ahn J-H, Choi W-M, Kim H-S, Kim T-H, Song JZ, Huang Y, Liu ZJ, Lu C, and Rogers JA, "Stretchable and foldable silicon integrated circuits," Science, v 320, pp 507-511, 2008 (Inner cover feature article).
    2. Ko HC, Stoykovich MP, Song JZ, Malyarchuk V, Choi WM, Yu C-J, Geddes JB III, Xiao JL, Wang SD, Huang Y, and Rogers JA, "A hemispherical electronic eye camera based on compressible silicon optoelectronics," Nature, v 454, pp 748-753, 2008 (cover feature article).
    3. Yoon J, Baca AJ, Park S-I, Paulius E, Geddes JB III, Li L, Kim RH, Xiao JL, Wang SD, Kim TH, Motala MJ, Ahn BY, Duoss E, Lewis JA, Nuzzo RG, Ferreira PM, Huang Y, Rockett A, and Rogers JA, "Ultrathin silicon solar microcells for semitransparent, mechanically flexible and microconcentrator module designs," Nature Materials, v 7, pp 907-915, 2008 (cover feature article).
    4. Park S-I, Xiong Y, Kim R-H, Elvikis P, Meitl M, Kim D-H, Wu J, Yoon J, Yu C-J, Liu ZJ, Huang Y, Hwang K-C, Ferreira P, Li X, Choquette K, and Rogers JA, "Printed assemblies of inorganic light-emitting diodes for deformable and semitransparent displays," Science, v 325, pp 977-981, 2009.
    5. Kim D-H, Viventi J, Amsden JJ, Xiao JL, Vigeland L, Kim Y-S, Blanco JA, Contreras D, Kaplan DL, Omenetto FG, Huang Y, Hwang KC, Zakin MR, Litt B, and Rogers JA, "Dissolvable films of silk fibroin for ultrathin, conformal bio-integrated electronics," Nature Materials, v 9, pp 511-517, 2010 (cover feature article).
    6. Kim R-H, Kim D-H, Xiao JL, Kim BH, Park S-I, Panilaitis B, Ghaffari R, Yao JM, Li M, Liu ZJ, Malyarchuk V, Kim DG, Le A-P, Nuzzo RG, Kaplan DL, Omenetto FG, Huang Y, Kang Z, and Rogers JA, "Waterproof AlInGaP optoelectronics on stretchable substrates with applications in biomedicine and robotics," Nature Materials, v 9, pp 929-937, 2010.
    7. Rogers JA, Someya T, and Huang Y, "Materials and mechanics for stretchable electronics," Science, v 327, pp 1603-1607, 2010 (review article).
    8. Viventi J, Kim D-H, Moss JD, Kim Y-S, Annetta N, Callans DJ, Xiao JL, Huang Y, Rogers JA, and Litt B, "A conformal, bio-interfaced class of silicon electronics for mapping cardiac electrophysiology," Science Translational Medicine, v 2, article 24ra22, 2010 (cover feature article).
    9. Kim D-H, Lu NS, Ghaffari R, Kim Y-S, Lee SP, Xu LZ, Wu J, Kim R-H, Song JZ, Liu ZJ, Viventi J, de Graff B, Elolampi B, Mansour M, Slepian MJ, Hwang SK, Moss JD, Won S-M, Huang Y, Litt B, and Rogers JA, "Materials for multifunctional balloon catheters with capabilities in cardiac electrophysiological mapping and ablation therapy," Nature Materials, v 10, pp 316-323, 2011.
    10. Kim D-H, Lu NS, Ma R, Kim Y-S, Kim R-H, Wang SD, Wu J, Won SM, Tao H, Islam A, Yu KJ, Kim T-I, Chowdhury R, Ying M, Xu LZ, Li M, Chung H-J, Keum H, McCormick M, Liu P, Zhang YW, Omenetto FG, Huang Y, Coleman T, and Rogers JA, "Epidermal electronics," Science, v 333, pp 838-843, 2011.

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