Jan D. Achenbach
Walter P. Murphy Professor and
Distinguished McCormick School Professor

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, CAT 327
Evanston, IL 60208-3111

TEL: 847-491-5527
FAX: 847-491-5227
Email: achenbach@northwestern.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Aeronautical Engineering, Technological University of Delft, Netherlands
PhD Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University(1962)


Birth date: August 20, 1935, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Nationality: USA (naturalized, 1978)


1953-1959 Technische Hogeschool, Delft, aeronautical engineering
1959-1962 Stanford University Major: aeronautics and astronautics
Minor: mathematics


PH.D. 1962 Stanford University
1962-1963 Preceptor, Columbia University
1963-1966 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Northwestern University
1966-1969 Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Northwestern University
April l969 - Visiting Associate Professor
June l969 University of California, La Jolla
September l969- Professor of Civil Engineering
March l981 Northwestern University
September l970- Visiting Professor,
April 1971 Technische Hogeschool, Delft
March l981 - Walter P. Murphy Professor, Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics
September l985 - Director, Center for Quality Engineering
2006 and Failure Prevention, Northwestern University
September l992 - Distinguished McCormick School Professor, Northwestern


September l981 - Consulting Professor, Huazhong Institute of Science
and Technology
Wuhan, Hubei, Peoples Republic of China


Over a period of some thirty-five years, I have made contributions to the general area of ultrasonics, particularly for applications to quantitative non-destructive evaluation. This narrative describes my principal achievements on seven topics:

1. Acoustic Microscopy
2. Practical Applications of Quantitative Ultrasonics
3. Laser-Based Ultrasonics
4. Diffraction Coefficients
5. Dynamic Behavior of Composites
6. Dynamic Fracture
7. Elastodynamics



2003 U.S. National Medal of Technology
Member National Academy of Sciences, 1992
Member National Academy of Engineering, 1982
Fellow American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1994
Corresponding Member Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1999
Honorary Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2002
Timoshenko Medal, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1992
William Prager Medal, Society of Engineering Science, 2001
McDonnell-Douglas Model of Excellence Award, 1996
ASEE Curtis W. McGraw Research Award, ASEE, 1975
Fellow Society of Engineering Science, 2002
Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1998
Fellow Acoustical Society of America, 1998
Fellow American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1979
Fellow American Academy of Mechanics, 1973
Fellow Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 1988
Outstanding Paper Award, Materials Evaluation (American Society for Nondestructive Testing), 2002
ICCES Medal, International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, 2003
Tutorial Citation Award, American Society for Nondestructive Testing, 2004
SPIE-NDE Lifetime Achievement Award, 2005
Best Paper Award, SPIE’s International Symposium on NDE, 2006