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Date Speaker Organization Seminar Title
11/17/2014 Liz Gerber Northwestern University Designing Infrastructures to Enhance Innovation
11/3/2014 Eric Masanet Northwestern University Accelerating the Development and Deployment of Sustainable Technologies through Prospective Life-Cycle Systems Assessment
10/27/2014 Oluwaseyi Balogun Northwestern University Nanometrology and Imaging of Materials using Laser Generated Stress Waves
9/29/2014 G. Ravichandran California Institute of Technology

Mechanics of Cell-Matrix Interactions in Three-Dimensions

5/5/2014 Yonggang Huang Northwestern University

Mechanics of Stretchable Electronics for Applications to Medicine

4/7/2014 David Dornfeld University of California, Berkeley

Sustainability as a Driver for Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing 

3/10/2014 Sinan Keten Northwestern University

A Materials Genome Approach to Engineering Functional Biomolecular Materials 

2/10/2014 Joel Burdick California Institute of Technology

Recovery of Function in Major Spinal Cord Injury Using Epidural Stimulation

1/27/2014 QuickTechTalks Student Presenters Northwestern University

Eric Schearer: Reanimating Paralyzed Limbs after Spinal Cord Injury Using Functional Electrical Stimulation

Luis Ruiz: Directing the Self-Assembly of Supra-Biomolecular Nanotubes Using Entropic Forces

Shuangcheng Yu: Functional Nanostructure Design Using Topology Optimization

Bobby Sinko: Atomistic Simulations of the Fracture Strength of Cellulose Nanocrystals 

11/18/2013 Malcolm MacIver Northwestern University Convergent Evolution of Mechanically Optimal Locomotion and its Implications for Information Acquisition
10/7/2013 Kyung-Suk Kim Brown University Search for New Multi-functional Materials with Ruga Mechanics and AFM Interferometry
9/30/2013 Aleksei Aksimentiev University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Using Nanopores to Sequence DNA
5/20/2013 Nick Pohlman Northern Illinois University Fundamental Flow and Functional Transport in Granular Materials
5/14/2013 L. Ben Freund University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Achenbach Lecture Series: Illustrations of Entropic Force as Induced through Random Fluctuations of Elastic Bio-Membranes
4/22/2013 Pradeep Sharma University of Houston Flexoelectricity
3/4/2013 Tom Daniel University of Washington Sensorimotor Neural Engineering: Where Silicon Meets the Neuron
2/18/2013 Kripa Varanasi Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nanoengineered Surfaces for Efficiency Enhancements in Energy and Water
2/4/2013 Rajiv Shivpuri The Ohio State University Integration of Interdiscipinary Approaches for the Process Modeling and Design in Manufacturing
11/12/2012 Hsueh-Chia Chang Notre Dame Ionic Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors and Inductors
10/29/2012 Cheng Sun Northwestern University Scalable Micro-/Nano-fabrication for Metamaterials: Transforming Scientific Inspirations to the Reality
10/8/2012 Huajin Gao Brown University Research on Nanomechanics of Engineering and Biological Systems
10/1/2012 Hod Lipson Cornell University The Robotic Scientist: Finding Invariants, from Cognitive Robotics to Computational Biology
5/14/2012 John Hutchinson Harvard University Wrinkling Modes and Instabilities in Elastomers and Film/Elastomer Bilayers
4/30/2012 Rich Lueptow Northwestern University Cutting and Shuffling—Applications to Granular Mixing
4/6/2012 Jack Hu University of Michigan Product Assembly: Quality, Productivity and Customization
3/5/2012 Dan Goldman Georgia Institute of Technology The Secrets of Swimming in Sand
2/20/2012 Cate Brinson Northwestern University Nanostructured Polymer Systems
1/20/2012 Ali Nadim Claremont Graduate University Digital Microfluidics with Electrowetting
11/28/2011 Tolga Kurtoglu Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Computational Synthesis for Design and Manufacturing of Complex Systems
11/7/2011 Ayusman Sen Pennsylvania State University Designing Intelligent Nano/Microbots
10/24/2011 M. Taher Saif University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Neuromechanics of Memory and Learning
10/10/2011 Paul Umbanhowar Northwestern University Granular Locomotion and Force Generation
4/18/2011 Wolfgang Knauss California Institute of Technology On the Importance of the Dilatational Component of the Strees State in the Uniaxial Yield-like Behavior of Rate-Dependent Polymers: C. Bauwens-Crowet Revisited
4/7/2011 John Brady California Institute of Technology Osmotic Propulsion: The Osmotic Motor
3/10/2011 John Rudnicki Northwestern University Localized Compaction in Porous Sandstones
2/25/2011 Barry Trimmer Tufts University Soft-Bodied Locomotion: Animas, Robots and Morphological Computation
2/3/2011 Jane Wang Northwestern University Multidisciplinary View of Interface of Engineering Surfaces
11/18/2010 Neelesh Patankar Northwestern University Fundamentals of Roughness-induced Superhydrophobicity
11/5/2010 Sandip Ghosal Northwestern University Transport Problems in Micro and Nano Fluidics
10/21/2010 Todd Murphey Northwestern University Choreography and Control for Robotic Systems
10/12/2010 Susan Trolier-McKinstry Pennsylvania State University Designing Piezoelectric Films for MEMS Applications
5/3/2010 Jian Cao Northwestern University Point-of-Need Manufacturing Processes for Enhancing Energy Efficiency
4/26/2010 Ted Belytschko Northwestern University Multiscale Analysis of Failure
3/18/2010 Howard Stone Princeton University Surprises in Viscous Flows: from Charged Drops to Bacteria in Curved Channel Flows
2/4/2010 Huajian Gao Brown University Probing Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Materials via Ultra-Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations
12/3/2009 Malcolm MacIver Northwestern University Infomechanics and the Bone-brain Continuum
11/4/2009 Mike Robinson University of Colorado Wind Energy Technology Development and Deployment in the US - 20% by 2030
10/22/2009 Dean Ho Northwestern University Nanodiamond-Mediated Enhancement of Therapeutic Efficacy Towards Chemoresistant Tumors
10/9/2009 Daniel Koditschek Pennsylvania State University Composition of Limit Cycle Controllers for Gait Transitions in Legged Locomotion
9/18/2009 Andrew Alleyne University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Precision Motion Control for Manufacturing Applications
5/26/2009 Carol Livermore Massachusetts Institute of Technology From Micro Assembly to High Power MEMS:  Creating New Capabilities at the Micro and Nano Scales
5/21/2009 Chih-Ming Ho University of California - Los Angeles Control of Complex Systems – Turbulence, Cells and Financial Markets
4/23/2009 Neelesh Patankar Northwestern University The Hydrodynamics of Aquatic Locomotion and its Relevance to Engineering, Evolution, and Neuromechanics
3/19/2009 Rhett Mayor Georgia Institute of Technology High-Speed, High-Precision Micro-milling:  An enabler for next-generation Sustainable Energy System Production
1/15/2009 Mitra Hartmann Northwestern University Mechanical and Behavioral Constraints on Neural Encoding in the Rat Vibrissal/Trigeminal Pathway
11/13/2008 Kevin Lynch Northwestern University Robot Assembly: From Vibratory Manipulation  to Self-Organization
11/5/2008 Joshua Smith Intel Research Seattle Electric Field Pretouch for Robotic Manipulation
10/29/2008 MinJun Kim Drexel University Biologically-Powered Robotic Microswimmers


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